4 Probable Reasons Of An App Idea To Fail Dismally

With staggering rise in the number of mobile applications over the recent years, it’s highly obvious that mobile apps market will continue to breed further in the advancing years. However, unfortunately, not every app that enters the market can ride the top charts. Lots of apps fail to leave an imprint even with greatest promotions or marketing efforts and go up in the smoke in the market. While there’s are many apps that with slightest of advertising effort steals the show and earn winsomely. To unleash the secret, an app is successful in the first instance, if the reasons of its blowing out are analysed well beforehand. So, to help beginners in the app business here’s presented a list of prime reasons of apps failure.

Failure to recognise target audience

Undefined understanding about the target audience is one of the core failure reason. Even a highly creative and innovative app idea can flop if the audience for whom it is built is not properly classified. If the marketer of the app fails to focus on its target users, it evidently lefts a blurry image of the main idea in the market. Apparently, if there is no awareness about the app to the end users, it will remain an overlooked one in the app stores.

Faulty application design

Most of the apps that make blunder just after launch are found to have a poor or faulty design. For sure, such apps cannot create any impression on the minds of optimistic users after they open it for the first time. Hereby, the phrase, ” the first impression is the last impression”, is a true concept in the apps province. All aspects of app design from icon, navigation style, background, fonts, layout to the graphics matter to users. No apps maker will get the second chance to gain attention once it is uninstalled by them.

Incorporating too many things

By putting too many features, the app creator can make it a highly complicated affair. Choking it with a lot of things will confuse the users and they cannot get the main idea or purpose served by the app. Thus, for the mobile app start-ups who think that a feature-loaded application will be highly good at luring the target users, the scenario may be opposite. It is henceforth advised to purposely opt for the very few intuitive features that will cater to the specific needs of the audience.

Non-impactful marketing strategy

This is quite an obvious reason for a failing idea when the apps market has already reached its all-time saturation with millions of applications competing against each other. In such a scenario, a strong marketing strategy plays an imperative role in helping an app soar great heights of success. With the boom in the digital marketing front, most newbies in apps market can take advantage of online campaigns, social marketing platforms, and email marketing to spread awareness about of their apps. A half-hearted marketing that does not make apps discoverable to all the audience amidst a hundreds of such similar apps is an inevitable cause of their utter failure.

While there are many other reasons to add to the above list, these are the most definite reasons for apps downfall in the market soon after the launch. Thus, apps marketers are recommended to keep these irrefutable reasons in mind during the development and pre-launch preparation of their apps to make sure that they did not encounter with a dismal end.